Tuesday, February 26, 2008

His Words

There's a part of me that thinks it's completely evil to share this with you, since it's stuff he's written for my eyes but now it's mine and it belongs to me so sharing is what I choose to do. And perhaps I just want you to see firsthand what it is I'm dealing with.


Last night around 11:30ish I got a text that said, "Hey! I’ll hit you up tomorrow. We are having our first sleepover. Is that TMI?”

I didn't respond.

Then, this morning I read this e-mail he had sent about an hour before the text (the subject was "random thoughts")

-I like girls who like me back. No point fighting the others too hard J Been there, done that, time has passed. I got extremely “lucky” this time. Also, surprised I haven’t screwed this up yet even though I caused sour note over the weekend. I’m very surprised I haven’t disappeared into the awesomeness of our little universe and that I still have kept in touch with everyone else.
-I had a party at my house Sunday and didn’t care that they turned my downstairs into a pig pen. And I got pissed that ½ the people who said they would be there didn’t show up (the golden rule?) But then some unexpected people showed up and filled out the original quota even though I didn’t get the caterer like I had planned. (NOTE: I wasn't invited)
-I think I can learn more about a person by sleeping beside them than in hours of conversation. And some people just fit together like a puzzle and it’s for good reason
-I’m afraid of you when you don’t talk or hold things back. But oddly intrigued by it and wondering what is in that head of yours.
-I think I would take back my “never going on a vacation with you” statement from a few months ago on one or two conditions of a not to be spoken nature. I think we would have fun and we obviously wouldn’t lack for conversation. Until you pissed me off or vice versa. I am really happy we seem to have found our friendship groove however and you have stopped calling me “Friend” in that stupid, silly way that you do J
-I am curious what your statement “I find a lot of things about you endearing, yada, yada, things you like least about yourself” relates to.
-I hope you know I find you insanely fascinating. Your facebook story about the list of things you said you wanted to do in the past year sooo made me want to read it. And if not for Julie, I would have totally been your Valentine if for no other reason than just to be nice and help you cross something off your list.


What's a girl to do? I sure like what law student hot mama said in my last post.

I have major love for you girls!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I need a hairbrush!

Happy Valentine's Day, friends!

For the first time in a while, I showered at night instead of the morning. See, though I have no date for today I wanted to curl my hair and be all cute for this day; as if to say "I don't care if I'm single, I'm going to smile and live it up anyway."

So, I get to work and of course I decide I don't like my hair. It looks alright but it needs to be brushed. Except there are no brushes ANYWHERE!! Ugh.

I know it isn't the end of the world but I'm irritated. Thankfully, I have my Starbucks coffee (compliments of my work bff), a pink shirt and quite possibly a fork that can act as a comb! And it's only 8am. If this is the worst part of my day, then I'm going to be okay. It's going to be interesting. I can't tell you exactly what I'm doing (for fear you might cringe!) but I will be sure to let you know how it turns out!

So, what's a girl gotta do when she needs a hairbrush? Flip your head upside down, shake it out and act like you don't care ... it's amazing how good it'll look then!

Wish me luck.
Have a happy heart!

Monday, February 11, 2008

The day of love ...

I love love. I am not in love. I haven't been for a little while (if I’ve ever even truly been at all) but the mere thought of it just makes me smile.

I must admit that just after I moved here over 6 months ago I made a big “to do” list. I joyfully accomplished every single one of them but one: have a date for Valentine’s Day. I don’t know why I wrote that down because it didn’t really go with everything else I had set out to do; even so, there it was written.

So, it may then go without saying but I don't have a Valentine (though a teenaged boy did ask me today if I would be his - sweet but no!). But I still love the day nonetheless. I'll probably even wear pink. I'm not that type to wear black and be angry that the day exists and that I am single. I understand why people do that but I cannot find it in me because that, in and of itself, seems to be way too much effort.

I don't think it's just a Hallmark holiday ... well, I suppose it is, but it isn't JUST that. All holidays have become victim to candy aisles and strange paraphernalia (you know heart shaped bobble heads with psychotic smiles, stuffed animals dressed up AS the Easter bunny, Christmas tree shaped ice cube trays - this list does not end, friends!) but there is still some real valid reason they came about in the first place. Good 'ol St. Valentine's tale happens to be my favorite.

The history behind it is quite muddied but the one I like best, and true or not, is that this man (Valentine or something sort of like it) defied his ruler who outlawed marriage for his potential soldiers. Valentine thought this to be ludicrous so he performed marriages in secret. And the story continues that perhaps Valentine, after being put in jail, found love and wrote some lucky lady many a love letter and signed them "from your Valentine"

Oh, be still my heart! What a guy.

Okay, maybe you think it’s cheesy but who cannot love love or at least be a little bit moved by someone who literally risks their own life because they believe in love? Believe me, I have many reasons not to because one particular Valentine's Day from years ago holds terrible memories that I cannot and may not ever shake. However, my heart and even my mind find their way back to the thought, the idea, the reality of what it really is all about. So simple. So pure. So love.

So, yes. If you have love you should celebrate it every single moment you feel it but what's the problem with taking out one day to enjoy it, to soak it up, to spend a little money on it, too!

I don't have any plans, nor will I wait by the door for flowers to be delivered (though I may hope for a singing telegram ;) but I can guarantee that this lovely, albeit bittersweet day will be enjoyed by me and hopefully many, many of you!
What's a girl gotta do on Valentine's Day? Love love, friends.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Girly Girl Goodness

I don't think I'd come right out and say I was a girly girl; however, after a conversation with my sister this afternoon I don't think I can be anything but!

I was driving home from work today and I noticed wild turkeys on the side of the road. I had no idea they were indigenous to this new area in which I live - okay, well I heard that they hung out here but I just couldn't picture that yummy, tasty November goodness running around outside for all the world to see.

Anyway, I saw them. A whole bunch. And in my ever so lovely shrilly voice I shared the information with my sister. I said something along the lines of, "I love nature and wild turkeys". I believe she quipped right back with, "Yeah, when you're a safe distance away as you drive by them ... in your car"

I laughed because it's so true.

I'm the kind of girl whose idea of "roughing it" is walking from the driveway to the front door of my house in weather that is either too cold, too warm, too rainy or too not just right.

My idea of camping involves indoor plumbing.

My idea of hiking would be when I accidentally park on one side of the mall when the store I need to visit is on the absolute opposite side.

I plan on going to a ski lodge one day but not to ski ... I just want to fully utilize the spa facilities and appreciate the view from the outside hot tub. All while I sip on a glass of wine.

Okay, I know I sound like a total snot and I'm really not that bad. I like nature. I love animals. I'm forever baffled by how excited I still get at seeing deer in an open field or the view of rolling hills in the distance.

I can handle getting dirty. I just like being a girl. And oftentimes, I like being a girly girl.

Just wanted you all to know.

What's a girl got to do when she's a girl? Well, duh! Call a few friends and celebrate the fact that God made her something so great!