Monday, June 30, 2008

27 year stitch

I love that I have weeks in between my posts.

As if I'm busy.

But I'm not. Not really at all. I've done nothing that I've really wanted to do, including keeping up my blog.

Well, I did go super healthy - for 5 days. That kept me busy!

The summer job is going alright, but, let's be honest, it allows for lots of spare time. I watch the morning news shows everyday. They are so insanely time consuming for several hours straight; even though some of the stories are boring, at least to me. For example this morning: what bears are really doing in the woods.

Um, I don't care. But, yet, I watched. As lyrics swirling in my head went unwritten, weights weren't lifted and a shower, that was much needed, didn't happen (no fear, it finally happened at 4:00pm)

I have one month before I head back to school. I figure at some point, boredom will bore me and I'll get my sh*t done!

Oh ... but want to know what's been taking up some time???

This ... um. Well, "this" was going to be a picture; however, I decided I wouldn't drag you into it. But, I will tell you.

I have a rash. Sounds simple right? But it is taking over MY WORLD, not to mention my body. You'd think we were besties, but we are not. Not at all. I hate it. I want it gone. It wants to stay.

It is winning by a landslide.

About a month ago I noticed a spot on my side. It was itchy. Whatever. But then, it grew. And I noticed something on my face as well. That was itchy. Um, okay. It kept on. I finally went to the doctor. She said.

It's staph infection.

Me: WTF! How did I manage that??
So, I get antibiotics and go on my merry way.

However, it gets bigger and bigger and now is well beyond the size of my hand on my right side. My face and neck have little traces too. I even take a picture and text it to my mother. For some reason, no matter how old I get, I think she can fix it.

I go back to the dr. and she says, "well, hmmm, I don't know what it is."

The answer: steroids. A shot and some pills. No diagnosis, just some 'roids.

At some point in all of this, I decide to re-wash everything I own and to throw away anything that might be contaminating me. Detergent, potent soaps, etc.

It started going away. Summer life was once again wonderful.

Then, a week ago Friday while sipping margaritas at our favorite Mexican restaurant, I start itching once again but don't think much of it. That is, until my lovely, brash roommate says: "Oh God, it's back again!!"

And sure enough, it was. With a fiery vengeance.

I went to a dermatologist. They didn't know what it was. So ... more steroids - now in cream form. UGH! Oh, and no perfume, make-up, lotion, body wash, sun, chemicals ...

I am not a patient person. Nor do I have any self control. It's like being 8 with chicken pox again. It wasn't getting any better and they told me to call in a few days if there were no signs of improvement.

So, I called first thing the following morning.

The next day I went in for "IN-PATIENT SURGERY"

Scary, eh? All it meant was a couple pokes and 4 stitches. A biopsy. But, being me - the new, crabby, irritable, itchy version, I found it to be quite the dramatic situation.

Just ask my sister, Laskigal. Thank the good Lord for mobile to mobile.

So, now, as I continue to live with a growing rash (did I mention it's now spread not only to the majority of my side and stomach, but my chest, tops of my legs and back as well?!??!), I find very little solace in the fact that I will FINALLY find out what the heck it is July 15th.

However, since I consider myself brilliant, I have pretended I was a doctor and started diagnosing myself. The internet is quite handy for that - even though I have freaked myself out beyond my own crazy imagination. I'm fairly sure that, though it could a medication reaction or 'contact dermatitis', I'm going to go with the flesh eating bacteria. I'll let you know if I was right.

What's a girl gotta do if she's got an itch? Scratch it.

Gosh, that doesn't sound so good ...

Monday, June 9, 2008

The start of summer

So, end of the school year we had to turn in our laptop for two weeks.

I thought I'd die without that connection to the world ... my life!

But, finally, I got it back and here I am.

Here's an overview of what's to come in the next few posts:

Summer job - I'm an assistant/best friend/big sister/cook to an 18 year old who was paralyzed in an accident a year ago. He's awesome and has presented me with a challenge: he's denied God. I'll explain more on that for sure because I may need to not only get my thoughts out but advice as well. I'm all about everything happening for a reason ... in the meantime, he's a great kid and we have a blast joking around and chatting it up about life and girls, boys and school.

The boy - um, so it's going well. Really well. One of my two bestest friends met him this past weekend. And, he's coming home with me in July. Whoa ... Laskigal won't get to meet him then but if he's a keeper that'll have to happen fast ... she means more to me than the world!

Speaking of her ... I love her. I think I'm going to call her as soon as I'm done here.

I just finished my first year of teaching here in the south. I spent 3 years in a south Chicago suburb where I learned VOLUMES but this year has proven that the learning process is never, ever ending. There were things that happened that caught me by surprise that I never even mentioned. However, in the midst of that year, and I've talked about them before, I made friendships with these women who have had an AMAZING impact in my life.

I'm writing a book but I think I need to light a fire under my behind to get going. The ideas are swirling in my head and jotted down on papers here and there. Plus, I'm starting a side something, too, that has SO much promise. Again, I need to grab some matches.

For now, I'm going to see if I can get something done with one of the many things I have running around in my mind.

What's a girl got to do when she's got stuff to do ... but the sun and a lounge chair are calling her name? Hmmm ... I'll let you know.