Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My first meme!!!!!

I've never done one of these before but I decided to steal it when I saw it on Kathryn's awesome site (check it out ... Seeking Sanity)

I know ... that he loves me
I believe... in God - more than anything else. And, I believe in me, too!
I fought...
I am angered.... by stupidity and ignorance.
I love... Nashville and what life here has given me
I need... my family, friends and MONEY.
I take... what I can get
I hear... typing
I drink... coffee everyday - if I could afford it, I'd drink starbucks twice a day everyday.
I hate.... ants
I use... Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioner
I want... my man
I like... love
I feel... itchy - out of habit I think
I wear... two bras when I work out - my boobs are huge
I left... my checkbook at home - dammit
I do... a lot of stuff. Kinda like staying busy I guess
I hope... that's what I do
I dream... big
I drive... too fast. Need proof? Three tickets in one year
I listen... to country music all the freakin' time
I type... more than I write.
I think... I'm crazy sometimes :)
I wish... I could get a massage right this moment
I am... in love
I regret... not going to the audition today
I care.... too much sometimes. (me too, me too)
I should... workout
I said... whatever came to my mind.
I wonder... if we'll make it because I'm kinda thinking so
I changed... my shirt three times - no reason. I'm not going anywhere. I've pretty much sat inside all day. I mean, it is 100 degrees.
I cry... a lot more lately
I lose... my mind.
I leave... no, I stay.

The Rash and the Visit

Well ...

Let's talk about the rash.

So, they tore my skin out. Tested it. Took a really, really long time to figure it out and after two long weeks they had results.


Really? REALLY??

But, oddly enough, it's gone. We'll just wait til it comes back and then try again.


So. Next up. THE visit.

Truth be told - I've never brought anyone home to meet the fam. But he isn't just anyone.

I drove 10 hours to the north a week beforehand to hang out with the family - and yes, I got to see two of my favorite people on earth: my sisters!

He came up the following Friday and can I just say that it was the absolute, most perfect weekend. The family likes him, the friends like him. It went better than I could have thought.

Mom's smitten, bro carried an actual conversation, lil sis joked, sis-in-law asked all the questions, dad told stories, friends sat and chatted for hours.

I smiled. And smiled. And smiled. I'm in love.

Well, this girl's got to get to bed. But let's just say - it seems like there was never an SB ...

Monday, July 14, 2008

a trip "home" part one

Just wanted to say that I went to visit the family ...

Guess who came with??? The boy.

Man oh man ...

Details to follow.
About the visit
And The Rash.